We all have a choice how we view the world.  As we define ourselves and our surroundings, we begin to unleash our own theories on the questions that matter most.  Testing these theories and learning to listen to the inner voice is the journey by which we find truth.  This project represents the journey, the experience and the truth revealed in my human experience.


I truly feel that my journey and experience will mirror many of yours and together we can not only address some of the deeper questions we come to ask in this life but begin the process of breaking free from all the lies we may have excepted along the way. 


I aim to use theztheory.com to communicate the deeper questions and matters of the heart that I have pondered many nights over.  I hope those that connect with me and this site will have a place to feel connected as they go through their own journey.


I believe that many of the pains and craziness we go through is to help us know we are going the wrong way and is meant to help us get back on the path that leads to peace. Kinda like that old board game Operation.  You try to carefully pull out the organs with the tweezers but if you hit the sides it would cause a buzzing sound and vibration to the entire body.  I believe pain is not to be ignored.  It's trying to bring our attention to something that is not right. 


We need to get past seeing misfortunes as an opportunity to be the victim.  Some things are for a purpose and others a cause and effect of someone abusing their freedom.  We have been overwhelmed with fear.  Fear of living and fear of death only to keep us from truly reaching our destiny.  Think About It (click to continue).

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