World Catastrophe

It's hard to weed through all the end of world claims but we can count on one thing for sure.  Someday we will all be seperated from this life.  Some believe we die and just stop existing.  I don't believe that.


I believe we are eternal conciouse spirits that will move from one place to another.  I don't believe in reincarnation in this realm but I do believe we will continue into eternity full of life. 


I meet many people that are so worried about the trivial things of this life. I guess the reason I want to help those people is because I was one myself.  In certain ways I still am but I believe I've come to find peace in some of the most stressfull issues we are faced with. 


For instance,  the fear of death can be so overwhelming for some.  Largely in part because of the uncertainty of what happens after.  This is such an important question because of its lingering affects on our day to day life.


Not to offend any one but it seems to me that it would take more "faith" to choose to believe that we are random purposeless clumps of matter that were astronomically fortunate to have the basics of life's dna come together in a lake of infinite possibilities. 


The basic parts include a flagellum (google flagellum).  How can that machine looking thing randomly come to be?  There must be a cause if there is an effect and even though a cause can be an accident or on purpose the effect found in the beauty and symetry of nature seems to point to one of purpose.


I don't want to argue one idea against another but instead I would like my guests on this site to contemplate this.  What if there is an eternity?  What if this is just a small gap in time given to us to see if we would choose love over pride?  What if a supreme Creator of all that is wanted to be loved by choice and not by creating us to be zombies?  What if to do so, the Creator had to give us the freedom of choice to all us to see what we can do, both good and bad, with it?  What if we put aside all the customs tied to religion and considered what a relationship with God might be like?  What would we gain to learn about this "possible" relationship versus discounting all together?


What if there is an eternal heaven to gain and a hell to avoid and God the Father made a way to fix the spiritual divide that came from the choices of mankind?  What if God is perfect light and our choices distorted our light so we could not connect to His light so clearly?  What if God had to send his son to be a perfect light in an imperfect world?  What if that son had to be chastized, beaten and put to death as the ultimate offering of love for his created to be able to connect back to His pure light?  What if death/darkeness coudn't hold perfect, sinless undistorted light and had to let the son go?  What if the simple act of choosing to believe and to ask the light of the son to come in to your life and make things the way they should be was the first step to a reconnection with the Father and the release from the fear of death?  What if you could now turn to God for everything in your everyday life to guide, protect and make this life more amazing?  What if you just found out that God has been loving you from a distance all this time waiting for the right time to let you know he would like to be with you from now into eternity and that he wanted you to trust him with your life, your heart and your dreams?  What if God has been trying to tell you that if you just ask he will bring forgiveness into your life for you and those you have hurt and who have hurt you?  What if you just asked God now to come into your life and make himself known to you the way you need to see him?  He will.  


Just repeat this prayer from your heart.  It's not the words but the truth from your heart that connects with God...


"Dear Father.  I am a sinner but you love sinners.  You loved me so much that you sent your son, Jesus, to die for my sins so I wouldn't have to suffer for my sins.  I believe Jesus died for me.  I believe that after 3 days he rose from the grave and is at your right side.  I believe I am now forgiven for all my past, present and future sins.  I believe that I am now your son and friend.  I receive your holy spirit into my heart to guide me and protect me.  From this day on I am free from death and I am born to eternity with your.  I am free in Jesus name!  AMEN!"


If you meant what you just said I know that you are feeling God's peace and electricity all over you. From this point on just talk to God.  Ask him daily to direct your path and be part of your day.  I know God will begin to do awesome things in your life.  Just keep communicating and keep on keepin' on.  The rest will become clearer to you as you go.  If you look for a church just make sure they love to worship God and they believe in healing and the grace of God.  God will let you know if that place feels right or not.  Remember God is not religious.  People are.


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