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I began this journey in the early 90's as a wanna be rapper . To be able to put poetry to a beat.  I wanted to do that.  My mind was all over the place anyway with thoughts way ahead of my age.  My brother, Danny, was an 80's metal guitarist shreddin' away and one day I asked him to put music to a rock song I wrote.  After that I wanted to learn to play guitar.  Danny taught me my first 4 notes and I was off from there.  I made so many songs from those 4 notes and eventually progressed.  For a period of time I got into rap rock and punk.  Eventually I would begin testing with all kinds of genres.  


It's hard for me to say what kind of musician I am or what genre of music I express because I feel like my style can change from song to song.  The closest I can come is to say I play Moody Rock.  Whatever mood I'm in I play.  


These days I really want to bring music and a message that will lift people up and help them think deeper.  We are so distracted with so many things that many tread along on shallow waters for too long and and sometime never realize there is more depth to the human experience.  I want to move people and brings hope.  There's enough to hurt about in this world but hope, love, faith and forgiveness will heal our hearts so we can truly be free.  


I am a vibration in the infinite energy field.  I am a sound wave penetrating your experience.  I am a voice that is part of an inumerable choir of voices singing in unison and in harmony to the melody of the love story God has allowed me to be born into. I am a book of memories and a "little g" co creator of the future that is unfolding as I am unfoliding from the self I was to the self I am to be.  I am where and when my past and my future meet.  Through all the emotions, situations and outcomes I will experience in this life...



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